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Hope for Kids Food Bank


Hope for Kids food bank was established in 2009 to help feed the hungry kids on the streets of Brazil. We are currently working in the cities of Sao Paulo and Campinas. Life on the street is hard for an adult.

Imagine the struggles these kids go through every day just to survive. If these kids are fortunate, they find a little income selling merchandise on the streets of Brazil. Others are forced to do whatever it takes to get their next meal.

Please help us make a difference in the life of a child.

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A Place of Refuge

3.7 Million Orphans in Brazil
  • Almost half of all street children in Brazil will die before 18
  • Girls begin prostitution as early as age 11
  • Drug-running for money begins as early as age 8.

There is an epidemic of utter hopelessness in the poverty stricken ghettos where children are used and then thrown away. 

Families forced to survive see their children as a way to bring finances into their home and sell them into sex or drug trade. 

With such an imperative we have a God-given burden to start Jubilee Orphanage in the heart of this wickedness.

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